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St. Johns Bridge has many moods

The first time I laid eyes on the St. Johns Bridge I fell in love. I had no idea why, but I kept returning to it, gazing up like a little girl, exploring around, examining its steel suspension structure spanning the rolling Willamette River. I knew I wanted to capture its magic through my camera lens.

We eventually moved into an apartment building within steps of the historic bridge on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. On stormy nights I lay in bed and watch the bridge’s blinking spire lights through a stately row of three cedars I call the “Three Sisters.” Almost imperceptible, a forested mountainside created a backdrop. Misty low clouds descending and mist from the river rising under its belly – everything conspired to amplify my focus on the bridge.

Cathedral Park is situated under St. Johns Bridge and garnered its name because being in the park… or anywhere near the St. Johns Bridge, is indeed like being in an expansive outdoor cathedral. From almost every vantage point the view upward bests any enclosed cathedral I’ve ever experienced – with the exception of the gold encrusted Stanford University Memorial Church.

Willamette River mist rises into the belly of St. Johns Bridge.

Bridge Structure 1Capturing the St. Johns Bridge in imagery took time and patience. In my case, I went out daily time to complete a bridge photo study. My partner, Dale, gathered his shots differently, going out when the inspiration struck him. And the bridge doesn’t spare on delivering inspiration… I admit, I’m addicted.

To share our love of the St. John’s Bridge, we’re organizing a weekend workshop to share the bridge’s magic with others, as well as what we’ve learned about photographing it. The workshop will be held in MARVEL 29 building for a an instructional session and coffee. We’ll then head out to explore the bridge, Cathedral Park and the Willamette River, where workshop participants will shoot solo or in small groups, photographing the magic of the bridge and surrounding area.

We’ll bring our images back into the studio to share and critique, and each participant will select their best image to submit in the workshop Gallery Show and Reception on Sunday. Printing services will be available Saturday evening.

When: MARCH 19 & 20, 2016

Where: ST. JOHNS, OREGON (outskirts of Portland, Oregon), MARVEL 29, 7227 N. Philadelphia Ave.

Why: SPEND THE DAY FOCUSED on learning to photograph the Historic St. Johns Bridge, an iconic steel suspension bridge built over the Willamette River in 1931. Submit your best image in the gallery show.

The workshop is by DONATION ONLY (Yes, it really is…). Here’s the thing… the weekend workshop is LIMITED to the first 50 people who enroll in and complete DharmaPharm’s “FIELD PHOTOGRAPHY MAGIC – LONG EXPOSURE & COMPOSITION” online course. (See course description below…)

STEP 1: Enroll in and COMPLETE the LONG EXPOSURE & COMPOSITION course (Normally $59, but $10 with BRIDGE CHALLENGE coupon code below;
STEP 2: Complete a course evaluation:
STEP 3: Submit ONE IMAGE from one of your LE & COMP shooting assignments PLUS an explanation of why you would like to attend the photography workshop to: DharmaPharm@gmail.com. Put “BRIDGE CHALLENGE 2016” in the email subject line.
STEP 4: The first 50 individuals to successfully complete the course and submit their image will be admitted to the BRIDGE CHALLENGE 2016 workshop.

DharmaPharm’s Long Exposure & Composition Udemy course is normally $59. HOWEVER… for BRIDGE CHALLENGE 2016 participants we have created a $10 coupon code >>> bit.ly/1Q0nAEp

NOTE: Once you have enrolled in the Udemy LE & COMP course, you will have lifetime access to it, including the resources which accompany the course materials.

So, come join us! The coupon code deadline is March 12 (to give late comers a chance to finish the course sessions and shooting assignments, and submit their image).

Questions: DharmaPharm@gmail.com


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